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Model 10001: Module Rack

Available in white or brown. The rack above is shown in brown on a white surface for clarity.

The module rack can be added to a cabinet with a location large enough to hold your module such as the 8300 and the 7010.

The rack shown is specifically for the Bernina Module but can be used for other modules and items. Measuring 6.18" on the inside (shown above), the two support legs are 8.5" apart on the centers and the rise is 4". A 6" piece of Vinyl tubing is slipped over the powder coated metal to prevent abrasion to the top of the module and the metal rod and to hold the module tightly to the mounted location. We have racks designed specifically for Pfaff, Brother, BabyLock and Janome modules.


These racks may be customized for other modules according to their height (the inside dimension) and their resting width. There may be a customization charge.

4 straps or 'U' brackets and screws are provided for mounting of the rack.


Product specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice. Actual colors may vary from those shown. Fabric, sewing/serging machines, and miscellaneous items are for demonstration and not included with the unit unless specified.