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Sewing Cabinets

Model 6300: Stardust III

image of 6300 front with machines

image of 6200 from front
Storage shelves behind the left lift measure 21" x 10.5" with 8.25" verticle clearance each.

image of 6200 open
Closed view of the 6300.

6300 from right - view of thread drawer in left cabinet.
Note the thread drawer in the left cabinet. There is one in the right cabinet as well.

6300 left lift and thread drawer.
The photo above shows more detail of the left lift cabinet.
image of 6200 open
The thread caddy (63) has a drawer and a large storage compartment for the large sergers.


* Additional cost for Rustic Maple or Swiss Chocolate


  • Unique Shape
  • 2x Machine Storage
  • 2x Electric Lifts
  • 2x Insert II System
  • Rounded top and edges
  • Fold down leaf
  • 2x Magnetic Trays
  • Extra Shelf Space
  • Optional: Large size serger storage caddy #63 with drawer.
  • U-Casters

Available Options

  • White
  • Rustic Maple*
  • Swiss Chocolate*
  • #63 Caddy for Large Sergers


  • Width: 9 feet 1 3/4 inches (109 3/4 inches)
    Depth: 5 feet 10 inches (70 inches)
    Height: 30.5 inches
  • Working depth (front edge to rear edge): 39 inches


  • Openings for machines are 27" by 11.25"
  • Order Inserts 27x12.5

Product specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice. Actual colors may vary from those shown. Fabric, sewing/serging machines, and miscellaneous items are for demonstration and not included with the unit unless specified.