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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

  1. Remove the sewing machine and lift deck from the lift deck support brackets.
  2. Move the carriage All the way to the bottom of the lift.
  3. Disconnect from the power outlet before attempting any repair.
  4. Disconnect the AC power cord from the transformer inside the carriage and loosen the motor bolt on the cable clamp.
  5. Remove the AC power cord from the carriage by compressing the cord retainer with a pair of pliers and pulling out.
  6. Disconnect the red and black wires from the transformer and remove the transformer.
  7. Mount the power pack in a corner of two walls of the inside of the cabinet on the side where the cord goes into the carriage, using two L brackets and appropriately short wood or sheet metal screws (so they do not protrude through the other side of the cabinet walls).
  8. Insert the output cord from the new power pack through the hole where the AC power cord entered the carriage. Be sure to leave enough cord outside the carriage to allow travel to the top of the lift. Re-use the cord retainer to hold it in place. It may be necessary to wrap some electrical tape around the cord at the clamp points to give the retainer and cable clamp something to grip.
  9. (Do only if the power pack was not already prepared for installation) Cut the connector(s) off the end of the power pack output cable and strip 2" of outer sheath and 1/2" of wire insulation.
  10. With wire nuts, connect the one wire from the power pack to the wire that was connected to the transformer red wire and the other wire from the power pack to the wire that was connected to the transformer green or black wire. (Power pack output wire colors can vary from time to time.)
  11. Connect the AC power cord to the power pack and test the operation of the lift.
  12. If the lift moves in the opposite direction than expected then swap the two wires that were connected in step 10 and retest.
  13. Replace the lift deck and check clearances to complete the upgrade.


Replacement Lift Rack Installation
  1. Remove the carriage for unobstructed access the the lift rails and rack location.
  2. The rack is now supplied with double sided tape on its back. DO NOT remove the tape backing at this time.
  3. Insert two 1/8" diameter by 1/2" length pop-rivets at each end.
  4. Use the rivets to align the rack with the rail.
  5. If the alignment shows no obstructions or problems then remove the tape backing.
  6. Again use the rivets to align the rack, without allowing the tape to touch the lift rail, and when confident the alignment is good, press one rivet end to the lift rail and press the rack in place working toward the other rivet.
  7. Make sure the tape has been pressed together well and install the pop rivets at each end.
  8. Reinstall all parts removed, in the reverse order that they were removed.



  1. Scuff the back of the rack a little (may have already been done).
  2. Scuff the rail a little too.
  3. Apply a liberal amount of super glue to the back of the rack and place it on the rail.
  4. Insert and set a 1/8" diameter by 1/2" length, pop-rivet at each end.
  5. Clamp the rack flat against the rail in 3 places or with a straight piece of wood or metal to distribute the clamp pressure, for 30 minutes for a good set.
  6. The rack is now ready for use.