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What is a Sewing Cabinet Insert or Filler?

Figure 1.

Sewing cabinets, sewing tables and other sewing furniture generally have big holes where the sewing machine sits; "Inserts" or "Fillers" fill that space to turn your modern "Free-arm" type sewing machine into a convenient old-style "Flat-bed" machine, see figure 1.

Combined with the Auto-Stop optional feature of our Electric Lift, it is easy and super quick to transition between flat-bed and free-arm positions. For instance, sewing a shirt or pants may require using both positions during assembly.

Fashion Sewing Cabinets is endeavoring to provide top quality Inserts for not only our own cabinets but all sewing cabinets of every make, even custom builds, and for every sewing machine. Maybe that is possible but it is a lot of work and a never ending task.

We have several wonderful local dealers that will lend us a new machine to make a pattern. We thank them for their kindness.


How to order an Insert

Please note: many cabinets that have leaves that close and cover the machine compartment have a different color, such as white, on the deck surrounding the opening. We suggest white or clear Acrylic for these cabinets. Please consult the details of your cabinet on our website if a current model.

For our own current models all we need is the model number with color/stain and the model of your sewing machine. For any cabinet you can measure inside the opening left to right designated as A and front to back designated as B. These constitute the widest part of the opening. Next measure the outshoot of any lips, ledges or splines upon which the insert will rest are designated as AL, AR, BF, BB. The distance from the top of the cabinet down to the lip or spline is designated as L, see figure 3.

Figure 3.

The opening above is the real measurement, while the same A dimension on the Insert below will have 1/16" (or 1.5 millimeters) taken off of the A and B measurements for clearance. AL, AR, BF and BB will be used directly leaving the same 1/16" clearance as is on the outer dimensions. C is how much space is needed for cords to clear as the lift moves the machine up and down. This is not as important on stationary or manual lifts. D is how much space is left or desired between the machine and the left side of the compartment. Minimum required is 1", less than that may incur a customization fee for glueing an additional support under the bridge for strength. R is the radius of the corners.

Figure 4.

Most inserts are about 1/4" thick (.245" actual). However, some cabinets or tables require a thicker Insert material such as 3/4". These are cut with a lip. This thickness may present problems of clearance with the machine and may require more work to clear pins or tabs. The normal Insert thickness or the thickness of the lip as shown in figure 5 is designated as T and the thicker inserts with a lip are designated as TL for the material thickness.

Figure 5.

Following this guide when ordering Inserts will greatly improve the fit.

We offer the following Insert colors*:

Swiss Chocolate laminate on Melamine or MDF
Swiss Chocolate (SC)
Rustic Maple on Melamine or MDF
Rustic Maple (RM)
White laminate and/or Melamine on Particle board or MDF
White (WH)

and Clear (CL)




*Colors are representative and may not be identical to those shown. You may call us for sample piece.

Fashion Sewing Cabinets of America is a manufacturer of premier sewing cabinets and sewing furniture, engineered for endurance and beauty. Designed to be fashionable and stylish to fit the decor of any home or office.